A Closer Look at WMS’ Epic Monopoly 2 Slot

Epic Monopoly 2 slot by Williams Interactive software is set in the high stakes, real estate world of the classic board game of the same name – Monopoly.

The original monopoly board game, which was created in 1903 by anti-monopoly activist Elizabeth J Magie Phillips, was made to demonstrate how wealth creation was more beneficial for the economy than having small a small number of companies controlling the supply of or trade in a commodity or service. It wasn’t until the 1930s that this beloved board game became available for purchase to the general public. But what started as a lesson in economics has turned into one of the world’s most popular and long lasting board games.

The art style in Epic Monopoly 2 slot is true to the original game and perfectly fits the time period in which the game is set – the early 1900s. The cartoon and comic graphics are bright, vibrant and set the right atmosphere. The gaming area features large Roman pillars on either side of the screen and a crimson curtain that is draped over a large, black theatre stage. Gold accents highlight the reel, bonus areas and information plaque which shows the players balance, total bet and win.

Reel Symbols

Epic Monopoly 2 slot has a total of 12 symbols on the reel. The first symbol is a blonde woman with a bright pink dress and blue eyes. The second symbol is a cowboy in a gold suit and hat. The third symbol is a large black pot sitting on a gold stand with green US dollars flowing out of the top. The fourth symbol on the reel is a mound of treasure and gold coins in a wheelbarrow.

The following four symbols are all from the classic Monopoly board game and will be familiar to anyone who has played it. These include the old, classic battleship from the turn of the century, an old-timey, laced up, pointy shoe, a classic racing car, and the iconic top hat that sits on Mr Monopoly’s head.

The next two symbols are an epic wild and Monopoly board which serves as a bonus icon in the game at casinositescanada.net.

The final two symbols are full length colour portraits of both Mr Monopoly and his scruffy white dog. Mr Monopoly is dressed in his best black suit with his stove pipe hat. He’s in the same pose he’s always in with his hand behind his back, slight smile on his face, and twirling his silver handlebar moustache

Bonus Features

Epic Monopoly 2 slot has a bonus feature called epic wheel bonus. Epic Wheel Bonus is triggered when three or more of the monopoly board bonus symbols appear on reels five, three or one.

Depending on how many bonus symbols are on the reel, the player will get different bonuses. For three bonus symbols, the player will get an Epic Wheel Bonus. For four bonus symbols, the player will get Epic Wheel Bonus plus ten times total bet. For five bonus symbols, the player will get Epic Wheel Bonus plus fifty times total bet. For six bonus symbols, the player will get Epic Wheel bonus plus 100 times total bet.