A Detailed Guide to Online Betting 

The betting industry in Australia has evolved and gained huge popularity over the years, offering die-hard fans the opportunity to engage in even more excitement.

There are actually many forms of gambling that are permitted in Australia and there have been for many years now, despite the fact that the country has a history of prohibition. Online betting is slightly different and not so straightforward in regulations, however, with only one sportsbook legally allowed to operate within Australia’s borders. Whether looking to wager on a rugby game or an upcoming election, the options are in abundance.

The very best sites that provide Aussie punters with some exciting online betting will not only offer a plethora of options with regards to sports and bets, but will also offer the best odds and bonuses.

Important Factors

Any punters that are new to online betting and unsure as to where to get started should make themselves aware of some of the most important factors, such as the country’s legal stance on gambling and what is condoned by Australian authorities.

For example, bettors in Australia may be well aware of the fact that gambling has been legal for a while after visiting one of the nation’s 6 brick and mortar casinos, however, they may be completely unaware of the fact that online horse racing betting is technically illegal and requires punters to source offshore sites.

What’s more, there are a number of international best betting sites that should not be trusted, though not many, and it is up to punters to ensure that they place their bets with the reliable ones that can be trusted.

Deposit Options & Methods

With remote interactive gambling in Australia (ie. online gambling) classified as illegal to all establishments but the one that currently monopolises the nation’s industry, many international online betting entities have looked to gain a piece of the online betting pie.

The government has chosen to allow Aussie punters to gain access to these sites legally, basically letting them abide by the laws of the country that that site operates from. Thus, all means of deposit options are actually available to punters in Australia .

In most cases, the easiest way to go about this is by using a credit or debit card as it is both quick and easy, however, there are some that still may be cautious of giving those details to foreign establishments. If that is the case, punters are encouraged to make use of an e-wallet, which ultimately lets them have a buffer between bank accounts and gambling sites.

Online Betting Taxation

After Aussie punters have familiarised themselves with exactly what forms of gambling are permitted in the country and under which circumstances, they will generally begin to wonder about the way in which the industry is taxed and what that means for winners.

Punters living in Australia will be pleased to discover that the news around taxation is wholly positive for them, with any winnings that are garnered from both legalised betting that physically takes place in the country as well as online betting are not subject to any income tax.