An Overview of Lumière Place Casino & Hotel

Luxury Casino And Hotel

Lumière Place is a casino and hotel venue, providing both accommodation and entertainment under a single roof. Guests may check in, take advantage of the various luxuries found in rooms, then step out and have a world of entertainment right at their fingertips.

The focus of the venue is on gambling, meaning that many of the restaurants and bars are based around a central casino area. Variety is also a top priority, however, and for those not into the casino scene, there is also an on location live entertainment venue, as well as multiple restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Note that the hotel also has facilities for business meetings and conferences, making the venue perfect for those who like to mix business with pleasure. Note that this hotel has online booking capability.

Casino Facilities

Lumière Place boasts an enormous selection of casino and gambling facilities. Everything from slot machines to table games is available, with a dedicated area that allows guests to have a few drinks, then step straight over to a blackjack table to test their luck with a few hands. Players can even place bets on AFL premiership games to win incredible bonuses

Dining Venues

With over half a dozen venues for dining, Lumière Place goes well out of its way to give guests the luxury of choice. There are extravagant restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, and Chinese eateries, all of which can be found on location, and all of which aim to offer superior service. Why not try a different venue for each night of your stay? Or, better yet, why not have breakfast at one location, and dinner at another, experiencing all the delicious variation available?

Entertainment Features

Lumière Place has a number of entertainment venues on location, including two bars and a theatre. The HQ Centre Bar is located in the centre of the casino, allowing guests to enjoy a cocktail while observing the electric ambience of those participating in the gambling. The Lumière Live theatre hosts regular events, from live music to stand-up comedians, including a number of local talents that are sure to lift the roof and keep guests entertained for hours. And, for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle for a few hours, The Aqua lounge is a sleek, ultra-modern venue that offers not only stunning views, but also a relaxed ambience that will rejuvenate and reenergise.

Online Booking System

The Lumière Place website features a fast, convenient online booking system. Those looking for accommodation need simply logon, make use of the built in application, and have a booking in just moments of time. An arrival date, number of guests, and number of nights must be provided, after which the application will return a list of available rooms and rates. Click the room you would like, enter bank account details to make the payment, and the room will be reserved. If you would like to cancel the reservation later, please keep in mind that depending on how close the cancellation is to the reserved days, that penalty fees may be deducted from the amount paid.