Detailed Review of Super Jackpot Party Slot by WMS

Super Jackpot Party slot by Williams Interactive has fifteen top spaces, five reels and twenty paylines.

The art style in this game is a fun cartoon art style. It has a wide variety of bright colours that lends to its festive, party atmosphere and makes for a very fun setting and mood for the player. The background behind the reel is a gradient dark purple to blue that is covered in different sized blue, light blue, green, and purple dots. It looks a lot like confetti and further enhances the party mood for the player. The reel itself is a black background with navy blue border.

The reels are also separated by a blue border. Above the reel is the title of the slot, Super Jackpot Party. The font is in balloon letters. Super is in bright red while Jackpot and Party are in pink. To the right and left of the title are red, yellow and pink ribbons along with a bright gold stars. These stars surround the entire title.

Under the reel, the player has access to additional information about the slot and the bets they have available much like punters choosing options in online betting. This information is displayed on a translucent blue plaque. The spins available to the player start at .20 and go all the way up to 100. There is a bright green scrolling bar that allows the player to adjust where in the bet range they would like to be.

The player can then select the bet they want and push to spin. To the left and right of the scrolling bar are the words min and max so the player knows when they’ve reached the lowest and highest possible bet. The player’s win is also displayed along with a purple spin button with a circular white arrow. Above the spin options, the player can see the formula for their bet. This formula is lines times bet per line equals the player’s total bet. The player’s balance is also displayed at the top.

Super Jackpot Party Slot Symbols

The symbols in Super Jackpot Party slot game are various elements that one might see at a party. The first symbol is a red, purple and yellow balloon with dollar signs on them. The second symbol is a punch bowl with orange punch and lemons splashing out of it. The third symbol is a yellow and blue party cup with pink punch inside. The fourth symbol is a disco ball with shining stars and reflections around it.

The fifth symbol is a the party symbol with the word “party” in yellow and a horn beneath it. The sixth symbol is a present with pink wrapping and blue bow. The seventh symbol is a green seen with purple border. The eighth symbol is a purple seven with green border. The ninth symbol is the super jackpot part symbol which has a green background and gold stars. The tenth symbol is a smiling man in a grey shirt with a red background. The eleventh symbol is a blue seven with the word jackpot written on it.

Bonus Features

The party feature is activated when the two party symbols show up on the first, third and fifth reels. The player then picks from presents that can contain cash prizes, party poopers or special features just as online blackjack games for real money has to offer.