Draco’s Fire Slot for Hot Action Online

The theme of the Draco’s Fire video slot, available without downloads at Amaya online casinos, is familiar to fantasy adventure fans. Draco the fiery red dragon terrorises the kingdom, burning peasants, devouring livestock, and even threatening the king’s castle, until a brave knight with a magic shield and sword comes to slay the beast and claim his heap of golden treasure.

The five Draco’s Fire reels contain four windows each, and are set in a stark rectangular frame of gold and jewels against the volcanic lair of the dragon, menacing red-lit stalactites hanging above a huge pile of gold coins. Symbols are drawn in bold 3D colour, and the action is accompanied by stately music that becomes more agitated in the varied bonus rounds.

Draco’s Fire has 50 Fixed Paylines

The 50 paylines on offer in Draco’s Fire will please those who like to bet big, especially as players must bet on all 50 for each spin. Players can play for number between 1 and 5 credits per line, and the coin denomination can be set at six levels from 0.02 to 5.00.

The pay table wins increase in strict proportion to the number of credits bet per line. Prizes used as examples below are given in coins, which should be multiplied by the coin denomination and the number of credits played per line to give the actual prize on any win.

Three Special Symbols to Boost Wins

Draco’s Fire uses only seven ordinary payline symbols and three special symbols, which along with the esoteric layout of some of the 50 paylines can produce wins surprisingly often. The payline symbols are a cluster of thatched village huts, a fiery lake of lava flowing from Draco’s volcano lair, the king’s castle, a dragon’s-tooth amulet on a gold chain, Draco’s mighty claw, the magic shield and sword, and the Draco’s Fire logo. All require at least three matches from Reel 1 on a payline to win, and for five of a kind they pay 80, 90, 90, 100, 100, 200, or 250 coins, respectively.

All of the Draco’s Fire special icons feature Draco the dragon. The Wild is a full-length Draco looking menacing, and it can replace any of the seven payline symbols to complete a win. If it appears simultaneously on Reel 2 and 4 on the same payline, a massive Draco swoops in from the cavern to land on the reels, releasing a blast of fire that sets several windows alight. Any flaming windows on a winning payline see their prizes enhanced by a random multiplier of up to X6.

Bonus and Scatter Symbols Give Free Spins

The Draco’s Fire Scatter is another full portrait of Draco, this time guarding his golden hoard. If it appears simultaneously anywhere on Reels 1, 3 and 5, the player wins 2X the total spin bet and a round of 10 free spins.

Draco’s Fire’s Bonus symbol is just Draco’s head. At the end of each spin, all Bonus icons will change to the same payline symbol. If it stacks to cover all four windows on Reel 3, Draco rears up with a roar, showing off his golden belly. The player then gets four free re-spins, with any existing Bonus icons and any more that come up sticking to the reels. At the end of the re-spins, all the stuck Bonus icons change to the same payline symbol, which can result in multiple lucrative wins just as Canadian casino bonuses has to offer.