Egyptian Themed Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Explained

Luxor Las Vegas is a legendary location, well known for its pyramid shaped building, bright skyward spotlight, and luxurious facilities. The venue combines gambling, dining, entertainment and accommodation, making it a one-stop location for holiday makers and gamblers alike. You may eat, sleep, and find hours of fun, all without ever having to leave a single Las Vegas location. Bookings are possible via the built in website application.

Casino And Gambling Facilities

Luxor Las Vegas, as would be expected, has an immense gambling facility on location, with all the most popular games ready and waiting for those who wish to try their luck. There is an enormous range of modern slot machines, as well as a dedicated poker room, a blackjack section, and a full compliment of professional staff ready and willing to help. Note that for groups, businesses, and any others that desire it, gambling sessions may be set up with a dedicated staff member, who will arrange a private table in a secluded area of the hotel. Luxor Las Vegas supports responsible gambling and abides by all American Gambling Association rules and regulations. You can lawfully bet on some of our legal Australian sports betting sites for better odds.

Groups And Business Meetings

For companies looking to combine business and pleasure, the hotel has a full selection of meeting venues and catering facilities, all with highly professional services and reliable staff. You may wish to have your wedding at the hotel, which is not only possible, but can be arranged quickly and conveniently.

Restaurants And Food Venues

Patrons will certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to food at the Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. From seafood buffets to gourmet burgers, it is all available, and all within convenient distance of your hotel room. In the mood for something new? Try out exotic cuisine from around the world, with some of the best foreign dishes ready to tantalise your taste buds. Or, if you prefer not to dine away from home base, you may simply pick up the phone and order room service, which is equally as varied, and equally as convenient. For more information about the dining experiences offered, visit the restaurants section of the website to browse menus.

Entertainment Facilities

Luxor Las Vegas has an astonishing selection of entertainment, both on location and in surrounding areas. From world-renowned comedians to legendary magicians, it can all be found at the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino. Or, if magic and comedy is not your thing, check out the live music scene, nightclubs, and sports venues. Take note that many of the more popular shows may require booking well in advance, and may not have tickets available on the night of performance. In order to make advance bookings, please visit the appropriate page on the hotel website. It is essential to make hotel bookings and show bookings for the same times and days. If you wish to cancel show tickets, please do so well in advance, as late cancellations may have penalties that assure the performers do not lose out on possible revenue.