Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

The Monte Carlo resort and casino is located in the town of Paradise, Nevada, at 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It opened for business in 1996, and takes for its theme the city it has been named after. There are more than 3 000 rooms for its players to stay in, and over 100 000 square feet of the property has been allocated to casino games. A permanent show called Rock the Patio is provided, and this land-based casino has signature attractions in the form of the Boulevard Plaza and Double Barrel Roadhouse restaurant.

Monte Carlo resort and casino intends to invoke the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, and so features marbled floors; neoclassical arches; chandelier domes and gas-lit promenades.

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Attractions

Monte Carlo resort and casino has a variety of services on offer for those who choose to pay it a visit, with retail stores; convention facilities; a fitness centre; a spa; a hair salon; exercise room; pool area and a tram service that can whisk guests to the Bellagio and Crystals retail districts every five minutes all provided.

The Monte Carlo resort and casino also has a permanent headline show entitled MUS.I.C. by the JabbaWockeeZ for its guests to enjoy at the Monte Carlo Pavilion, which is able to seat up to 800 people.

The aim of the Monte Carlo resort and casino is ostensibly to provide a luxurious experience for its guests, without any pretension, and its advertising campaign reflects this with its promotional material featuring tongue-in-check misspelled French words designed to ensure that the public is aware that they do not take themselves too seriously.

Depictions of the Resort in Popular Culture

This NZ online casino has played a part in several of the feature films and television series that the United States of America is so globally acclaimed for. Not least of these is the 2000 film Get Carter, as well as the 2008 release What Happens in Vegas. 2004’s Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story has one of the team’s staying at the resort during the Las Vegas dodgeball championships, and in the 15th season of The Amazing Race, the season finale had one of the tasks for the competing teams to complete set as counting out $1 000 000 in poker chips. Three of a Kind, an episode in the sixth season of The X-Files also featured it.

In 2008, the Monte Carlo had a three-alarm fire reported on its top six floors and casino roof, but firemen were able to contain the blaze in roughly an hour. Although the fire damaged the exterior of the building mainly, there was significant water damage to several floors. The hotel and casino reopened its doors to visitors less than a month later, however, although the total cost of the damages the building incurred were just under $100 million.

The Hotel32 boutique hotel is located on the top floor of the Monte Carlo, and boasts penthouses that can be reached solely by means of private elevators, ensuring that VIP guests are taken care of in every way imaginable.