New York-New York Hotel and Casino

The New York-New York hotel and casino has a number of different rooms available for its guests to make use of, all with various amenities to ensure that their stays are as comfortable as is possible according to their individual needs. The Park Avenue King, for example, is a modern space taking up between 300 and 400 square feet, and provides not only a king-sized bed but a desk and a chair as well, making it a good option for those who are required to travel for business purposes. Guests are able to choose whether or not they wish to have a refrigerator in their room, and so need not foot a bill for this service if they do not require it.

The Affordability of the New York-New York

New York-New York hotel and casino is a very moderately priced place for the whole family to stay, and is conveniently located on Las Vegas’ Strip. It takes for its theme The Big Apple, as is evidenced by the establishment’s name, and features the iconic symbols that will immediately bring the great city to mind.

The food court that the New York-New York hotel and casino makes available presents The Village Street Eateries, a well modelled brownstone neighbourhood that seems to have been transported straight from Greenwich Village. The fire escapes are represented, as are the old-fashioned air-conditioner units that sway from window ledges, and guests are invited to take part in a version of sidewalk dining that only those who reside in this vibrant part of New York normally do. Guests are encouraged to make their way through tapering alleyways in order to enjoy pizza, or bypass a dry-cleaner’s premises to get to the burger joint they are aiming for. These structures have been faithfully modelled, and the buildings are presented along with differing stoops and unique window dressings that will transport guests across the country instantly.

Tips for Those Considering New York-New York

Some of the most recognisable elements of The Big Apple have been faithfully reproduced at the New York-New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas, including three Lady Liberty statues: one made entirely of jelly beans; one made up of chocolate; and a less-edible outdoor version.

The rollercoaster that the New York-New York hotel and casino provides in terms of entertainment creates a rumbling sound that could easily be mistaken for any one of the subways that transport eager travellers around the actual city. Guests who prefer to get to bed earlier on in the evening should ensure that their rooms are not placed near the rollercoaster, however, since it runs until late in the evening.

The casino takes up 84 000 square feet of the property, and all the most popular real money games make an appearance. Guests are able to enjoy blackjack; roulette; pai gow poker; keno; craps; mini baccarat and many more. They can even place NRL bets online. There are also over 2 000 slot machine games on offer, and these titles include Megabucks; Slotopoly; Empire Slots and Wheel of Fortune.