Viz Magazine Themed Online Slot Game

Theming a slot game on a magazine that has multiple stories, characters and other eventful aspects as well as a solid audience is generally a good idea. Not only does it allow for many different graphics and symbol options in the game but it also panders to the select few players familiar with the topic in question and through this some fun gaming all round. Blueprint Gaming are the developers involved with this Viz slot game online and, as can by now be confidently assumed, the game is based on the famous magazine of the same name that has been around for several decades now.

On the side of gameplay this interestingly themed slot game has a set of 5 reels and 20 pay lines which on the whole represent the majority of video slot games today. There is a selection of betting options available and whilst they are neatly arranged below the reels for the players’ perusal the range on offer is quite broad and should be able to accommodate. There are of course a few bonuses to discover across the reels of this Viz slot game too, and cleverly Blueprint Gaming have set it up so that they are all themed toward characters from the magazine this slot is based on.

Digesting the Viz Magazine Slot Theme

The magazine this slot is based on was started in 1979 and has since been regarded as one of the more edgy and satirical of Britain’s outlet mediums. The magazine is famous for their fun cartoons and comic strips, usually done with a bit of tongue in cheek and some rather foul language involved. Now, almost 40 years down the line, there is a slot game featuring this magazine and a few of their ingenious characters along the way too. Blueprint Gaming have developed this Viz slot game with some decent graphics and animations, the sound effects pair up well with the events on the reels and the overall atmosphere in the game is a rather classic feel coupled with some bright colours and even a fair portion of humour.

The Viz slot game has a few notable symbols on the reels that are also worth mentioning, especially since these are ultimately responsible for the majority of the winnings available. The lower scale symbols, the ones players will want to see least, are the symbols that most slot developers find room for in their games. The themed symbols, including a few of the more renowned characters from the Viz magazine, are capable of doling out a fair bit more on the reels, depending of course on the spinning bet.

Thematically Connected Bonuses in Viz Slot

The 3 main bonus features of this slot game include the Roger Mellie Bonus Show, Johnny’s Wheel of Fortune and the Usual Suspects bonus. As is evident from their names, these bonus features are all tied to specific characters portrayed in the Viz magazine. These award up to 200 free spins, random sets of wheels awarding multipliers and a pick’em game featuring more multipliers, respectively. Not a bad haul for this Viz magazine slot game from Blueprint Gaming.