Werewolf Wild Slots Review for Casino Players Online

Werewolf Wild, by Aristocrat, is an online slot machine game. It is based around a werewolf in old London theme, and features spooky music, excellent animations, and a lovable werewolf mascot. As with slot machine tradition, the aim of the game is to place a bet and spin the reels. If matches are created when the reels stop, the player is paid out. However, a number of special and bonus icons mean major bonus payouts if matched, or other interesting and entertaining features. This game can be played for free, using virtual currency, or real, as the player prefers. Remember to have funds available in your account if you wish to play for real.

Icons and Symbols Used

The well drawn icons of Werewolf Wild run with the theme of a werewolf terrorising the streets, but lean more towards a sense of fun then horror. The standard one to ten plus jack, queen, king of poker are used, plus a number of special picture icons. These icons include a classic London Bobby, a vulnerable maiden, a square jawed hero, and an old style London street lamp. Matching these icons with each other will give out winnings, depending on how many in a sequence are matched. Remember that the sequences do not have to be directly beside one another to win, depending on how many lines the player has bet on.

Special Bonus Icons

Werewolf wild features a number of bonus icons that can mean major payouts for the casino player. The first is the werewolf, who acts as a wild card. He may match with any other icons to create a winning sequence, except the scatter or coin icons. You may get, for example, two maidens plus a werewolf to form three maidens. The second bonus icon is the werewolf in front of the moon. He is the scatter icon, and must match with himself three times to trigger the bonus sequence. This bonus sequence will allow a number of free spins that can compound for enormous payouts. If the werewolf in front of the moon icon lands, it will be marked by the loud chiming of a clock. The last bonus icon is the coin, which will only appear on the first reel. If landing the coin it will grant a times three multiplier. Get the coin with other matching sequences to get three times the normal winnings.

Werewolf Wild Interface

The interface of the game has been designed for mobile devices, featuring bold graphics, and simple one touch controls. You can see your balance located near the bottom of your screen, plus the auto-play button, total bet, and spin button. The auto-play button allows for the game to spin automatically, up to a total of 500 times at online Spin casinos NZ. It will stop if a major win is achieved. The total bet window shows how much the current bet is, with the option to change this bet via the plus, minus, and max buttons. The max button will make the bet the maximum allowed. The spin button takes on manual single spin.